Madison, Mississippi

December 27th, 2016

Hi friends,

Tidy Teddy traveled with me to visit my family in Madison, Mississippi. We sat together on the swing in my parents’ backyard and watched all of the horses. I am wearing my Ole Miss shirt, for the University of Mississippi, because that is where I went to college. Christmas time in Mississippi is usually pretty warm. Today it was even 70 degrees outside! Tidy Teddy had a blast!

Your friend,




White House, Washington D.C.

Dear class,
On Friday night, Tidy Teddy was invited to go with Ms. England’s friends Kristin and Arthur to a Christmas Party at the White House!  Though Tidy Teddy wasn’t officially on the guest list, Kristin stuck him past the security guards in her purse.
When Teddy got inside, he was greeted by sculptures of the first dogs, Sunny and Bo! They were really furry and friendly.
Then Teddy went and saw a portrait of our first president, George Washington.  Can you spot him in the background?
After Teddy said hello to President Washington, he went upstairs and heard the President and the First Lady give a speech welcoming all of the guests.  Teddy was all the way at the back of the room, but Arthur is very tall and held him up in the air so he can see.  If you look very hard, can you spot the First Lady?
Once the President and First Lady finished speaking, Teddy was finally able to walk around and enjoy the party! He loved looking at the decorations, including a wreath made out of rainbow-colored gumballs.
He really liked the Christmas trees which had miniature houses made out of Legos for each of the 50 states (and U.S. territories).  Teddy took a picture of the house from Ms. England’s home state of Illinois, and a Lego version of the White House for Washington, D.C., and even your state of California!
He also took a picture in front of the big gingerbread house in the shape of the White House and a portrait of another one of his favorite presidents, Abraham Lincoln!
Tidy Teddy had so much fun at the party!
Your friends,
Kristin and Arthur

Managua, Nicaragua

¡Hola mis amigos!

¿Como están? I have just returned from a great trip to Nicaragua with a big group that included my friend, Kate! We traveled to Managua, which is the capital city of Nicaragua.  We stayed in a village just outside of Managua. However, we did not stay in a hotel  We stayed in the homes of some of the members of a church called Rey de Reyes.  Our big group split up into three smaller groups.  Each morning during the week, our little group took a bus to a neighborhood called San Benito.  The community in San Benito was building a church, so we decided to help them out!  I started with all the other guys in construction, but my arms were getting soooo tired, so I decided to stay with Kate and the rest of the education group.  We met a lot of awesome kids and got to play a lot of fun games with them! We played with frisbees, soccer balls, and….water balloons!  The water balloons were the best because it was very, VERY hot. This first picture is of our group getting ready to play jump rope!  Behind us, you can see the others finishing the frame of the church!


This picture is of me cooling off and eating some chips on our bus. We ate lunch there every day so that we could enjoy the only source of air conditioning we had!


One one of the last days, we visited an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. During our time there, we got to kayak, swim, eat fresh mangoes, and relax! After the island, we drove all the way to the top of a mountain to see….a LAVA LAKE! It turns out, we were actually at the top of a volcano called Volcán Masaya.

I met so many awesome people on my trip to Nicaragua.  I’d love to go back in the future! I hope you all have a great start to the school year in Ms. England’s class!!


Venice, Italy

Hello Friends!
This summer I was lucky enough to travel to Venice, Italy with Ms. England’s Mom and Aunt.  We had a great time. Venice is called “the floating city” because it is an island.   The only way you can get there is by boat.  There are no cars, motorcycles, buses, or bikes in Venice and the only way to see Venice is to walk or take a small boat, called a gondola.   Even food is brought to the island by boat. There are 150 canals and 409 bridges on this island, with the biggest one called “The Grand Canal”.   We visited a glass factory, museums, a vineyard and a small shop where a very kind, older man paints beautiful paintings.  We also ate lots of pizza and gelato (ice cream).  Venice is a beautiful place to visit!
Tidy Teddy

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hello Friends,
I had so much fun visiting Ms England’s cousin and her family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We went on a hike in a National Park called the Garden of the Gods.  We hiked through the park, looking at the beautiful snow-capped Pikes Peak.  The mountains are sandstone rock formations and are an amazing red color.  Scientists believe prehistoric people visited here about 1330 BC and Native American people camped here about 250 BC.  That is many, many years of people exploring this area.  What a wonderful trip!
Tidy Teddy

Greenwich, Connecticut

January 3, 2015

Dear Class,

This week, Tidy Teddy traveled with Mr. Perkins, Ms. Armstrong, and me to Greenwich, Connecticut to visit Mr. Perkins’ grandparents.


At his grandparents’ house there is a very,very old painting of George Washington, the first President of the United States.


Mr. Perkins’ grandmother and mother held Tidy Teddy’s hands so he could see the painting up close.  Doesn’t Mr. Perkins’ mother look like she has candles growing out of her head? She thinks this is very funny!


Mr. Perkins’ grandfather and Tidy Teddy both wanted chocolate treats from the candy box!


Tidy Teddy had a great time sitting on Grandad’s lap daydreaming about how many candies he could eat!


Tidy Teddy and Mr. Perkins went outside to watch the pond freezing over with ice — it was very cold!


The land around Mr. Perkins’ grandparents house used to be a farm and there are some very old farm tools.  These tools and George Washington are the same age — almost 250 years old!


Look how big that farm equipment is!  Over 200 years ago it was hooked up to 2 big horses who pulled it through the fields and collected wheat for bread making.  The seat alone was big enough for Tidy Teddy and 10 of his friends!!  He liked his visit to Connecticut.


Ms. England